Combat Doctrine: Sharpshooters

Combat Doctrine: Close order drill



Homeworld type: Frontier

  • Characteristic Modifiers: +3 to any two of the following Characteristics—Agility, Ballistic Skill, and Perception.
  • Skills: All frontier world characters start with Awareness, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface), and Survival. 
  • Life on the Verge: While frontier worlders are sometimes less re ned that members of other regiments, their skills in the eld are undeniably useful. Frontier world characters gain the Combat Sense or Quick Draw Talent. 
  • Independent Operation: Frontier worlders are more accustomed to working far from others than many of their counterparts in other regiments. Their activities on their home planet often call for them to range far and wide, often alone, and as a result they develop a sense of con dence in this solace. On the battle eld, this frequently translates into a willingness to strike out beyond the sight of allies, con dent that their compatriots will react swiftly to danger. The Comrades of a frontier world character count as being within Cohesion so long as they are within 15 metres of their Player Character. 
  • Distrustful of Authority: Though they are valued for their ability to act independently, frontier worlders can also be dif cult to control thanks to this tendency. This can be particularly problematic for newly raised regiments placed under the command of of cers from outside, or for regiments merged with others after suffering losses. However, with time and patience, this friction can be overcome by outsiders who prove that they can stand on their own and contribute to the regiment. Frontier world characters tend to distrust outsiders, especially those handing out orders. They suffer a –20 penalty to Interaction Skill Tests made to interact with unfamiliar gures of authority (such as new Commissars, of cers from other regiments. Senior members of the Ecclesiarchy and Adeptus Mechanicus, and other such individuals) and impose the same penalty on Interaction Skill Tests made on them by those people. These penalties can be waived at the GM’s discretion, if the frontier world characters are dealing with individuals who have earned their trust.
  • Starting Wounds: Frontier world characters generate their starting Wounds normally

Regiment Type: Drop Troops

  • +3 Agility, -3 Fellowship
  • Starting Skill: Operate (Aeronautica / Grav Chutes)
  • Starting Talent: Catfall
  • Standard Kit: 1x Lascarbine (Main Weapon), 4x Charge Packs, Imperial Guard Flak Armour, Respirator, Grav-Chute, 2x Frag Grenades, 2x Smoke Grenades

Choleric commander

  • Decisive, leads from the front, but quick to anger and can be drawn into foolish actions.
  • Starting talent: Rapid Reaction

Drawback: Cloud of suspicion

  • Whether justified or not, this regiment as come under close scrutiny. The members of this regiment know that their movements are being watched by someone, and that the someone does not like them. A siege mentality has spread throughout the regiment, along with paranoia and anxiety. Of cers see spies and informants everywhere and newly conscripted guardsmen are viewed with deep suspicion 

    and hostility as their new squad mates assume they are undercover agents with sinister purposes. 

  • Talents: Enemy (Ecclesiarchy)
  • Untimely Inquiries: Whenever this regiment fails in an operation or the Squad fails to complete a mission or achieve a critical objective, the power with a worrisome interest in the regiment rears its ugly head, at the Game Master’s discretion. When such an investigation takes place, even on a regimental level, every member of the regiment suffers a –5 penalty to Willpower Tests until the interference concludes due to the stress that it causes. 

Training doctrine: Sharpshooters

  • Starting Aptitude: Ballistic Skill
  • Starting Talent: Deadeye Shot

Training doctrine: Close Order Drill

  • Talent: Combat Formation or Double Team

Additional Standard Kit Items

  • Drop Harness
  • Microbead
  • Chrono
  • Stummer
  • Sidearm (Stub Auto Pistol)


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